Event Resources

Event Resources

Summer is a great time to gather with family and friends. From barbeques and poolside parties to golf challenges, it's the perfect time to take action against diabetes. Too busy to host an event? Go virtual!

It's easy to create a Diabetes Summer Surge event. Just invite your family and friends and ask them to donate. It's that easy. You can be part of a coast-to-coast movement in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Sign up today and lead the fight against diabetes!


Need inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Get creative!

Anyone can join or support the Diabetes Summer Surge. Add the Surge to any event or activity that you love and create your own Diabetes Summer Surge fundraiser! From parties to sport challenges to virtual campaigns - support the Canadian Diabetes Association in your community.

Social events

Interested in hosting a social event? Check out the list of Diabetes Summer Surge ideas below and have a blast!

  • barbeque or picnic
  • pool party or beach party
  • neighbourhood street festival or garage sale
  • camping trip
  • amusement park outing
  • dinner, cocktail, garden or tea party
  • costume/theme party
  • karaoke party
  • movie night

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Challenge events

You can make any activity into a Diabetes Summer Surge challenge event and bring out the competitive spirit among your family and friends. The list below can get you started in creating an amazing challenge event this summer.

  • New: host a golf tournament. Plan a golf tournament at a Clublink Golf Course and take advantage great incentives for Diabetes Summer Surge participants. Click here to learn more
  • bowling, or mini-putt tournament
  • nature hike, biking or long-distance running challenge
  • bridge or euchre tournament
  • baseball, soccer or ultimate Frisbee™ game
  • "Rock Band" video game tournament or Wii™ party
  • Scrabble®, Monopoly® or Trivial Pursuit® tournament
  • beach volleyball or badminton tournament
  • cook-off
  • scavenger hunt
  • knitting marathon
  • croquet, bocce ball or lawn bowling tournament

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Celebration events

Celebration events acknowledge a special day or person. Perhaps you're already planning to host a celebration event this summer - you can easily add the Diabetes Summer Surge to your plans. The following list should spark your creativity.

  • Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Day or other holiday
  • birthday, anniversary, renewal of vows
  • family reunion
  • graduation
  • teacher end-of-year thank you gift
  • wedding (donations to the Canadian Diabetes Association in lieu of party favours or wedding gifts)
  • in memory of a loved one
  • christening
  • bar/bat mitzvah

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Virtual campaign

You don't need to host an event to join the Diabetes Summer Surge - launch a virtual campaign instead! The online world gives access to a wide network of family, friends and friends-of-friends. Why not try using these powerful tools to raise money in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association? Virtual campaigns can include one or all of the following ideas:

  • Create a Facebook group to gain support and encourage people to donate
  • Have a YouTube or Flickr face-off, asking people to share images and videos to promote the Diabetes Summer Surge
  • Host a Tweetup, a meeting of Twitter friends, to share information about diabetes in Canada as well as information on donating
  • Create a MySpace page and ask visitors to support your virtual campaign
  • Start an email campaign from your personal event page, asking people to support you
  • Try creating an incentive commitment for supporters, such as "If I raise $2,000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association, I will bicycle to work for a month" or "If I raise $750 to end diabetes, I will spend a day picking up garbage at the local park/ravine/beach."

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Event checklist

  1. Join the Diabetes Summer Surge. It's easy to set up an account and register your event.
  2. Set a fundraising target. Donations will help the Canadian Diabetes Association fund leading-edge research and support people living with diabetes.
  3. Set a date, time and location.
  4. Set a budget, considering food, drinks and decorations. To minimize costs, consider hosting a potluck or ask a local retailer to sponsor you.
  5. Plan a guest list.
  6. Sign in and create your personalized event page.
  7. Invite family and friends and ask them to support you by donating online.
  8. Watch your RSVPs come in.
  9. Call anyone who has yet to RSVP, and remind them to donate!
  10. Have a blast!
  11. Send a thank you to all your guests for supporting the fight against diabetes. Download and print, or email a Diabetes Summer Surge thank you by clicking here.

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